Increasing the Lifespan of Our Loved Ones

On average, people with major mental illnesses live 25 years less than the general population - and the major health risk is NOT suicide.  The major risks are diabetes complications and cardiac, respiratory, and infectious diseases.

Last Fall, John Allen of the New York State Office of Mental Health spoke at our Fall 2008 educational program about the health problems associated with major mental illness. 

Mr. Allen's talk discusses the statistics behind early death - and he also shows how how simple lifestyle changes can decrease the likelihood of developing life-shortening health problems.

We recorded his lecture & created a 43-minute video that will be broadcast on the following dates/times on Cable Channel 13 (Time Warner Cable, PEGASYS Public Access TV, which reaches 26,000 homes & 67,000 residents in Tompkins County, New York State). 

Here are the Powerpoint slides for  "Increasing the LifeSPAN" . (Adobe acrobat format)

In addition, with Mr. Allen's permission we have loaded his talk onto a streaming video site.  This video will play reliably only if you have a fast Internet link.

Mind and Body: Integrated Health (NAMI Fingerlakes Fall 2008 Educational Program) from Bruce McKee on Vimeo.

Finally  the New York State Office of Mental Health gives out a free SPAN (Smoking Cessation; Prevention; Activity; and Nutrition) Toolkit CD that is filled with information on how to increase the lifeSPAN of people with serious mental illness in New York State. 

Some of this information is posted on the  lifeSPAN Wellness Toolkit  - Table of Contents.

Here is the Complete Wellness Handbook from that CD (Adobe Acrobat format).

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