NAMI Finger Lakes Annual Campaign- Hope Starts With You

Dear NAMI Finger Lakes Friends,

In 1986, our founder, Jean Walters, courageously empowered local families to share their experiences and support one another through the challenges of mental illness by inviting them into her home with empathy, compassion, and warm hugs. This important mission has been honored for thirty-five years by many volunteers, Boards of Directors, members and contributors like you. We’re so grateful for these contributions that have sustained NAMI Finger Lakes as a place where families can find help, hope and support.

As we’ve faced the uncertainties of 2020 together as a community, NAMI Finger Lakes volunteers and staff have worked diligently to remain a constant, trusted resource of support, education and advocacy in the Mental Health community.

Your feedback is important to us. Visit our SURVEY to share what’s important to you.

Meeting a greater need

Now, more than ever, people need access to mental health care. In order to meet this need, we need you. We ask that you join us in our goal to ensure that NAMI Finger Lakes remains a strong resource for families and our community for years to come. 

When you make a donation to NAMI Finger Lakes, we put your gift right to work by providing free programs and support services, and changing attitudes about Mental Health through advocacy and education. 

In March of this year, an important funding resource made it possible to hire our first part-time Executive Director. Shortly thereafter, it was necessary to move all NAMI FL operations online in order to continue the services we provide for families at a time of unprecedented challenge. The efforts of our Executive Director made this possible. NAMI Finger Lakes continues to face the challenges of the pandemic to consistently meet the needs of our community through this transition.

Click here for a list of services we’ve provided in 2020 with your generous support.

To meet this need, we need you…

With your help, we can engage many more families as the need increases in the next year. With your help, more families will learn how to recognize and seek early treatment for mental illness. With your help, more parents will learn how to advocate for their children in their schools when navigating symptoms of a mental health condition. With your financial support, more caregivers will find compassion, empathy and shared solutions in supportive group environments. Through your generosity, more families will be empowered to advocate for the best care possible so our loved ones can live their best lives through recovery. Every dollar makes a difference and no donation is too small. Click here to make your gift now.


Deborah Grantham
NAMI Finger Lakes

A printable version of this letter, service list and survey is available at this link.

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