NAMI Finger Lakes & You- Together For Mental Health

NAMI Finger Lakes and You- Together For Mental Health

Thank you for the important ways you connect with NAMI Finger Lakes. Because of your generous support, people find compassion, empathy and shared solutions in a supportive environment at NAMI FL. Together, we ensure no one is alone on their mental health journey as we work in the community to enhance individual and family well-being. 

To learn all the ways you make a difference in people’s lives with your support of NAMI Finger Lakes, visit 2021 At NAMI Finger Lakes. For current programs, download, print and share the NAMI Finger Lakes Programs and Services Guide.

The conversation about mental health has changed across the nation and right here at home. Our mental health system is in crisis. Our community is overwhelmed by the challenges to providing compassionate care and crisis response. Families seek to better understand the experience of their loved ones living with mental health conditions while struggling to navigate treatment and supports.

Through it all, one thing remains the same- after 35 years, NAMI Finger Lakes continues to be a resource our community trusts to educate, advocate, listen and lead on mental health issues.  When families seek help at NAMI Finger Lakes, they know they are not alone. 

The demand for NAMI Finger Lakes free programs and support is growing. Our connections in the mental health community are expanding. Your help is needed now.

Please help us to continue our vital work in 2022 by making a tax deductible, year end gift TODAY. Consider joining our monthly support team with a recurring donation. You decide what works for your budget and spread the impact of your gift all through the year.

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Donations by mail may be made to:
NAMI Finger Lakes
PO Box 6544
Ithaca, NY 14851

Your year end gift is critical because it allows us to:

  • Expand programming and community engagement
  • Provide training and mentoring to volunteers and participants
  • Pay our small and dedicated staff

Your support will make all the difference in the impact we can have in 2022 and beyond.
We appreciate your generosity and hope you have a safe and peaceful winter season.

With much gratitude,

Beth McGee
Executive Director
NAMI Finger Lakes

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NAMI Finger Lakes Financial Information
NAMI Finger Lakes is your local affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
NAMI FL is a 501 (c) (3) Non Profit Organization.
All NAMI affiliates are responsible for their own funding.
Your donation is tax deductible.

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