Mental Health Crisis Response


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Reimagining Public Safety Draft Report- February 2021

NAMI Finger Lakes Board of Directors Recommendations on Reimagining Public Safety Draft Report- March 2021

NAMI Finger Lakes Family Forums on Mental Health Crisis Response and Alternative Models- NAMI FL YouTube Channel

The effectiveness and safety of Mental Health Crisis Response is important to everyone in our community. One in five people experience a mental health condition at some point and 5 in 5 people are impacted by that experience. As family members, colleagues, co-workers, and community members we may experience a crisis of our own or of our loved ones or friends as we navigate mental health and mental illness. The importance of reducing trauma through effective and appropriate crisis response cannot be understated.

In the Summer of 2020, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, charged law enforcement agencies across the state with developing new strategies for public safety and appropriate response that responds to concerns of our communities. Mental Health Crisis Response is one important part of this initiative.

Over the next several months, NAMI Finger Lakes will host conversations regarding Mental Health Crisis Response; how it is currently achieved, how our current system impacts people living with mental illness and their families, what opportunities there are to improve outcomes, where we are succeeding, and how we might move forward in a time of re-invention of crisis response, policing, and community engagement.

We hope our NAMI FL community will participate in these events and more throughout our community as we come together to explore these issues and to find solutions together.

In October of 2020, NAMI sent the following letter to local legislators, human services and law enforcement agencies to ask that NAMI Finger Lakes be included in local discussions regarding the New York State. Families are an important voice in this discussion, as we often make decisions in response to our loved ones’ crisis, as well as face the consequences of the outcome of crisis response.

Letter On Re-imagining Policing and Mental Health Crisis Response

We will continue to inform and connect our community in this discussion to encourage better outcomes for the individuals, families, and agencies that are impacted by this difficult challenge.

Visit this link to help us keep you informed regarding opportunities to add your voice to these important conversations and other NAMI Finger Lakes initiatives.  We will share information on our website and Facebook page about events and opportunities to engage as a community in this important discussion.

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